This is the most unusual 'remix' on the record. Andrew sent me this track a while ago, which consisted of two lines of piano, strange beats, and wierd "alien" noises. He hadn't used it for any project. I mixed it down but it didn't feel complete. I asked a poet I knew if he had any words to put over the top.

At some point, an old university friend got it touch with her music, including an accapella lullaby ('Troubles Fade Away') recorded in her garden. It just *fitted* (although I had to correct the key up to C major as it was in A major and the music was in A minor). So I ripped it off the internet, pitch shifted it, cut it up and stretched it to fit the music.

I added synth and guitar and then it started to need more drums (coming from Shellac's 'Song Against Itself' and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's 'Poodle Rocking', plus a drum fill from Dildano's 'Fearmonger's Downfall'). It had become an entirely different piece to the simple and atmospheric piano, and it doesn't really classify as a remix as none of the source material was ever officially released.


Sweet Little Baby,
Let all your troubles Fade Away.


from Return to the Fulfillment Centre: Remixes, 2012​-​2013, released December 1, 2013
lyrics and vocals by Mia Perl.
Music by Andrew Gardiner.
Performed by Andrew Gardiner with additional production and performance by grilly.




grilly Birmingham, UK

Grilly has been writing, recording, and performing music since about 1998.

DJ Gallowslutt is the psuedonym grilly uses for remixing.

To The Boats were the grilly-fronted band that thrived from 2006-2010. They disintegrated around the recording of the second album, which became 'In Case of Emergence'.
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