My Attorney - Monsieur Connexions has fallen through the crax

from by dj gallowslutt



Remix of Missed Connection Room from My Attorney's 2012 album The Art School Method.

Alongside Chino Neckar, I asked My Attorney for the source files of this track, as the intro guitar appealed to me in a dub way. Andrew told me it hadn't been recorded to click, and I left it and thought, och, I can't do this one; but then, playing around with a DAW demo on a tablet pc, I found that it had actually been recorded to a default 120 bpm and the delay line (defaulting to 500ms) worked perfectly; and that actually, dubbing it worked beautifully.

I've set up 4 different delay speeds to put just the vocal line through, which is a new high. For instance, at one point I use a 1.5 beat delay, at others 2, 3, and 4 beats. It doesn't really feel like a dub anymore, because I got waylaid by noise, so I stuck some ska riffs on at the end as a signpost to say 'THIS IS A DUB'.

I loved stuart's drumming, but trimmed the majority down to two loops, aside from the more-adventurous playing midway through; and I bolstered it with Amen, The Breeders' Little Fury, and Steely Dan's Do It Again.


from Return to the Fulfillment Centre: Remixes, 2012​-​2013, released December 1, 2013
written by Warmington and Gardner.
Performed by My Attorney, produced and additional performance by grilly.




grilly Birmingham, UK

Grilly has been writing, recording, and performing music since about 1998.

DJ Gallowslutt is the psuedonym grilly uses for remixing.

To The Boats were the grilly-fronted band that thrived from 2006-2010. They disintegrated around the recording of the second album, which became 'In Case of Emergence'.
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