Grilly - Fractal Universe renovation

from by dj gallowslutt



Remix of Fractal Universe from grilly's 2012 album In Case of Emergence.

I felt that I hadn't got Fractal Uni quite right on the album; the interplay between my two guitar parts was slightly diminished by one drowning out the other, and an early attempt at a Moroder-style bassline (okay, I'm specifically referring to 'I Feel Love') was cut back because I couldn't get the delay to cut just so. Addressing this issue gave me the opportunity to play around with having more space, as i thought the guitar and synth sounded lovely together when nothing was in the way, and play with an alternative vocal sample on the intro. With the sparser feel, I've also trimmed off Ian's beefing-up guitar from the last part of the song, and added the lovely tom-heavy drums to Soundgarden's morbid 'Like Suicide' onto the finale.

The intro monologue is from Cube.


I feel seasick
Sailing chaotic waves
We Bite our own tail
Resonance Cascade

The universe is not listening

The universe does not care

The universe is fragile

We are Cantor dust
Lost in the Julia set
Everything is almost empty
But look towards the edge

The universe is not listening

The universe does not care

The universe is fragile

An infinite detail
That generates itself
The same on every level
A dancing machine elf
If we just talk to each other
We can magnify our brains
Building something of beauty
Bigger than our games


from Return to the Fulfillment Centre: Remixes, 2012​-​2013, released December 1, 2013
Song written and performed by grilly.
Features drumloop sampled from 'Like Suicide' by Soundgarden, and vocal Sampled from 'Cube' by Vincenzo Natali.




grilly Birmingham, UK

Grilly has been writing, recording, and performing music since about 1998.

DJ Gallowslutt is the psuedonym grilly uses for remixing.

To The Boats were the grilly-fronted band that thrived from 2006-2010. They disintegrated around the recording of the second album, which became 'In Case of Emergence'.
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