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by dj gallowslutt

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Andrew Gardiner
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Andrew Gardiner Grilly once said to me that his remix approach was to "make the songs sound like the exact opposite of the originals". He could easily have added "and better than the originals" too. Favorite track: Cino: Your Stomach's Good Bacteria.
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grilly13cd is a second collection of my attempts on other song's lives, recorded 2012-2013 as a break from thinking too hard about things, after In Case of Emergence.

Featuring lots of lazily pasted drum breaks and enloudified through Fruity Blood Distortion.


released December 1, 2013

All tracks produced by grilly/DJ Gallowslutt,
Cover art from seeklark (

The executive producer was Cumbaland.
Songs written by Barry Garlow, except where noted.
The agricultural story editor was Andrew Gardiner




grilly Birmingham, UK

Grilly has been writing, recording, and performing music since about 1998.

DJ Gallowslutt is the psuedonym grilly uses for remixing.

To The Boats were the grilly-fronted band that thrived from 2006-2010. They disintegrated around the recording of the second album, which became 'In Case of Emergence'.
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Track Name: grilly - Pretty Girls (MJ Hibbett's demix)
I love a girl who wears sensible shoes
she goes shopping but she'll just peruse
she likes France but she hates Toulose
she makes wonderful soups and stews

Cyber Stalking is a victimless crime
sweatshop jailbait
I get an update when she comes online
myspace bitrate
Search her username, find her page
rate my date rape
Such is love in a digital age
testes test taste
Track Name: Atoms. - What the FITS
It's alright now cymbals have might
they open the door to your light
Track Name: Artists of XLR - Cino: Your Stomach's Good Bacteria
Witnessing the fall of the rich and the fabulous, you can talk to my dad
What are you doing on Friday night because you are smoking late
Do you have a jacket - What did you just call me?
Pick up the phone with your idle thumbs, make the most of your summer

Welcome to my world, Welcome

Your stomach's good bacteria, why did you go off on me yesterday?
I don't know
It's all I'm necking, necking, necking chino necking chino
necking, necking, necking chino necking chino

Welcome to my world, Welcome

I'm still a guy who tried to burn down his house - Cino.
I'm still a girl who tried to kill her herself - Mexico...

Welcome to my world, Welcome.

Welcome back...
Track Name: Aaron mcMullan - Blackmill: the things that he let others do...
On the eve of my thirteenth July I woke up from my sleep
With a belt-whelp risen cross my thigh and a purpling bruise across my cheek,
And next to me lay sleeping still a man I did not know
Though I’ve seen him since, out wandering the rain-slick stones of Blackmill Road

And I head them tongues all clacking on from someplace down the hall
All whispering and wheezing there someplace beyond thon redwood wall
And gin-black breath against my chest I closed my eyes a time
Cold and calloused hands all pattin pawin at the back of mine

My Da he was a soldier and my Ma I never met
But she would sometimes send me pages torn from scriptures I have never read
And her father, he raised me, I thank Christ she never knew
Of the things that he had done to me and the things that he let others do

That summer I spent shivering and choking neath the sheets
With my wounds all wound around my wrists, around my throat, around my feet,
And I did dream the child I’d been all bound in wire and rope
Hung dead from off the branches of thon hawthorn tree on Blackmill Road

Now I dream a smoke-ring halo gilded by the glue-fume glow
That child and I lain wrecked and chasing angels ‘cross the fresh-lain snow,
Our faces bleeding back and forth in streaks of white and gold
I wear his eyes, I watch his eyes bleed o’er the stone of Blackmill Road.
Track Name: The Bobby Mcgees - King (Desolate reaction)
Track Name: Grilly - Fractal Universe renovation
I feel seasick
Sailing chaotic waves
We Bite our own tail
Resonance Cascade

The universe is not listening

The universe does not care

The universe is fragile

We are Cantor dust
Lost in the Julia set
Everything is almost empty
But look towards the edge

The universe is not listening

The universe does not care

The universe is fragile

An infinite detail
That generates itself
The same on every level
A dancing machine elf
If we just talk to each other
We can magnify our brains
Building something of beauty
Bigger than our games
Track Name: Unimbued/Mia Perl - Troubles
Sweet Little Baby,
Let all your troubles Fade Away.
Track Name: To The Boats..! - ...--...