In Case Of Emergence

by grilly

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For ERG.

My first solo album in 5 years deals with a lot of very positive ideas about love, the structure of reality, and east London.

It started out being a second To The Boats..! album, but there stopped being a band to record it.

Most of the songs were written for a band to play, so there's a fairly solid backbone of guitar, synth bass, and programmed drums and breakbeats that run through the album, plus the usual embellishments, many composed and played by TTB multi-instrumentalist Ian.


released June 3, 2012

Actualised by grilly,
with additional implementation by Ian Wilkinson.

Words and music by grilly, except tracks:
1, 2, 3: Music: grilly/Wilkinson
7: Music: Wilkinson
8: Music: Wilkinson, Words: grilly/Wilkinson

Recorded at London Fails Studio, Hackney
Most vocals coached and recorded at The Church, Newcastle by A. Gardiner.

These songs were played live by To The Boats..!:
Corey, Alex, Ian, grilly.

Cover artwork by Hannah Tracey.
Album additional photos, manipulation, and layout by Laurence Ashmore, Ed boucher, Daniel Griliopoulos, Luke Page, and grilly.



all rights reserved


grilly Birmingham, UK

Grilly has been writing, recording, and performing music since about 1998.

DJ Gallowslutt is the psuedonym grilly uses for remixing.

To The Boats were the grilly-fronted band that thrived from 2006-2010. They disintegrated around the recording of the second album, which became 'In Case of Emergence'.
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Track Name: coffee and wifi
There's always another blog to read
updates on my RSS feed
twidiots saying nothing at speed
Compressed, encoded, and MP3'd

I've got my Firefox fully tooled
checking out sites where knowledge is pooled
everything's on file, your ISP stooled
soon we'll be marginalised, perforated and ruled

The demographic of tossers reads free papers
their appeal never cease to escape us
if people think less than they say and read
we'll ride away on a milk white steed

I know, one day
I can be Tay Zonday
I know one day
I can be Tay - gimme a chance
Everybody's living their internet dream
Forward the reference - spread the meme
Everybody's living their internet dream
This Internet's something else.

[citation needed]
Track Name: pretty girls make cakes
I love a girl who wears sensible shoes
she goes shopping but she'll just peruse
she likes France but she hates Toulose
she makes wonderful soups and stews

Cyber Stalking is a victimless crime
sweatshop jailbait
I get an update when she comes online
myspace bitrate
Search her username, find her page
rate my date rape
Such is love in a digital age
testes test taste
Track Name: How's Ann?
Where've you been?
It's half past December
You're dinner's in the dog
You're sleeping on the couch
I'm not interested
In your leftovers

I care less about you
than a dogshit
from a dog I don't own;
On a street that I don't live
In a city I'll never go to.
So, fuck off.

You're just a dirty mop
You just spread your shit around.
Track Name: intelligence
You invaded live a rodedendron
You made me fat and happy
I'm saturated with your affection
Your love lines my arteries

You took me off the fence
Made me a proper mensch
you gave me intelligence

I want to love you in four dimensions
Across all time
I want to love you in four dimensions
I was always for you

You gave me half a chance
You're not my Bruno Ganz
You are my intelligence
Track Name: tofu
Everybody's gay for beancurd
Grill it, bake it or fry it
It can help lower cholestrol
As part of a healthy diet

Quick to the point, to the point, i'm the mofu
Smokin' MCs like a pound of Tofu
Quick to the Point but slow to anger
I'll only eat a sausage if it's a veggie banger

My heart is made of tofu
Soy sauce runs through my veins
This is my body and blood
It's the flavour of my brains

Morgan Tsvangerai loves tofu
I wanna be the guy who loves tofu

Quick to the point, to point i'm the mofu
Smokin' MCs like a pound of tofu
Quick to the boats..! and gettin' excited
Open your eyes and be delighted

Track Name: "Loads of my friends have moved to this area"
Theo's back from Barcelona
He's got to finish his studies

[It's like a shanty town round here]

He's living with his granny
In the biggest house in Primrose Hill
You've ever see - OMG
It's four stories tall

[It's like a shanty town round here]

He's working at an architect's
He's very good at his job
He's very well paid, so
He's doing very well

Theo's doing Very Well.
Track Name: fractal universe
I feel seasick
Sailing chaotic waves
We Bite our own tail
Resonance Cascade

The universe is not listening

The universe does not care

The universe is fragile

We are Cantor dust
Lost in the Julia set
Everything is almost empty
But look towards the edge

The universe is not listening

The universe does not care

The universe is fragile

An infinite detail
That generates itself
The same on every level
A dancing machine elf
If we just talk to each other
We can magnify our brains
Building something of beauty
Bigger than our games
Track Name: paradise gas
There's a lady who waits
by Nico's Cafe
smoke will rise, ash will fall
She'll talk to you
for a coffee or two
or a drink in the salmon and ball
She's a modern contradiction
heir to prince mishkin
made up of foibles and faults
She says "life's not so hard
in the knackers' yard
so let's waste our time with a waltz"

At the city view hotel
put up with the smell
and put up with the noise from the streets
The invisible man
with the king-size can
and the polyrhythm bus engine beats
If you're drinking 'fore noon
to a chart chopping tune
they'll sell you a pint for a pound
It's all churches and jails
a boat without sails
for the people who are lost and found

In paradise garden
your arteries harden
wolfing down your mr. cod
and across the road
you can unload
on a throne that waits for a god
In the childhood museum
let out a scream
and pray that you're not in the show
Now your bus is pulling up
put your change in the cup
of the strangers on paradise row