Bruised Pilgrim

by To The Boats..!

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Bruised Pilgrim was recorded live at pilgrim caverns in a weekend of november 2008 by Andrew Gardiner, with overdubbed vocals and percussion. It's all kinds of rocking, from jaunty indie to fierce counting-core; we're really, really proud of it.


released September 9, 2009

info for nerds:

recorded and produced 4th & 5th october 2008
by andrew gardiner
at pilgrim caverns, london bridge.

To The Boats..! were
grilly and ian: vocals, guitars, percussion, whistling
corey: drums, percussion, vocal, whistling
sam: bass guitar
andrew: percussion, vocal.

all songs written by grilly except
tracks 1 and 4 by To The Boats..!
all songs arranged by To The Boats..!

mixed by andrew gardiner
at colerabbey studios, newcastle upon tyne.
sleeve by emoware, andrew, and To The Boats..!



all rights reserved


grilly Birmingham, UK

Grilly has been writing, recording, and performing music since about 1998.

DJ Gallowslutt is the psuedonym grilly uses for remixing.

To The Boats were the grilly-fronted band that thrived from 2006-2010. They disintegrated around the recording of the second album, which became 'In Case of Emergence'.
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Track Name: kinky friedman crime club
I gave my girl a box of cornflakes
She had nothing else to wear
Now i have a hundred problems
Here's some hobbies

drink your weak lemon drink now

Oscillators wierd up wiredly
I never heard it sound so good

Am I --- Noddy?

I took her to the supermarket
Where all the other cereals are
Now she's taken away my problems...

I am the king of hobbies
Track Name: love
I love you
Like a child loves a dinosaur
Like Jesus loves the poor
Like Sparks love Faith No More

I love you
Like a son loves his twin
Like deadhead love a din
Like Ed o'Brien love Neill Finn

I love you
Like a nymph love to ----
Like a trucker loves his truck
Like a pig loves being stuck

I love you
Like the french love mime
Like lemon loves lime
like Hot Rod loves Optimus Prime

but love, love is not
love, love is not
love, love is not for me

I love you
Like The Emporer loves a death star
Like a cow love her heifer
Like a vagrant would love a meth bar

I love you
Like an artist loves chalks
Like a rambler loves walks
Like Skaters love Tony Hawks

I love you
Like we all love Betty Boothroyd
Like a miner loves being employed
Like Cobain loves being destroyed

I love you
Like a dictator loves his voice
like a liberal loves choice
like Andy Rourke loves Mike Joyce

but love, love is not
love, love is not
love, love is not for me

I love you
Like Buffy loved Spike
Like a poet loves open mic
Like the town stud loves the town bike

I love you
Like a man loves his wife
Like Pulp love life
Like Lothian loves fife

but love, love is not
love, love is not
love, love is not for me
Track Name: the girl in the kid a top
Getting on the bus
The piccadilly groms
Thinks that life is tough, but
Knows that she belongs
She's better than the rest
She stands out from the crowd
Although she's dressed in black
'Cause colours aren't allowed
Although they look the same
I find myself drawn to the
Long-haired one on the far left
Though her friends are wearing Korn hoodies
and some of them are celebrating Green Day, and they've been shit for years

But the girl in the Kid A top, I bet she's great
I bet she likes to get down when the beat form Ideoteque hits the ground
And I bet she likes to stay up late and listen to Motion Picture Soundtrack
And knows all the words to the third verse

There's something about those moshers
The large and lumpy huggable girls
That you know are just above you
and You just want them above you
and 'Though her friends still idolise Curt Cobain
don't you dare take his name in vain
She'll prefer meoltonin to lithium
and Campaign for fairtrade
In her boudouir i'd get dirty
Put the stereo up to thirty
I'd give her my three fingers
To the soundtrack of Treefingers
And in the morning i'd wake up
With my Morning Bella
She'd find herself next to and Optimistic fella

Oh the girl in the Kid A top, i can wear the frock
We can hit the floor, if they ever play How Can You Be Sure
And we can go to Jilly's Rockworld and sit around and mock, girl
As they jump around and lose it to that naff nu-metal music

I'm just sick of being human.
Track Name: pregtard
As soon as
I've had my baby
I'm having my
Boob job done

Pregtard, Pregtard
you're spawning and you don't know why

You know what's really
Good? Bio Oil
I read in a magazine
It's great for stretch marks

Pregtard, Pregtard
I name thee: pregtard.

But who am I to talk about pregnancy?
given what you've said - who are you?

Pregtard, Pregtard
Pregtard, Pregtard

Track Name: disposable friends
There's no pubs in Northenden
And there's no street access to Cornbrook Metrolink
I live in a house where no-one can be bothered
To put the lid back on the washing up bottle, yeah

Disposable Friends
Opposable thumbs
I don't know what my problem is
I'll have to ask the colour quiz
Track Name: klein bottle fish tank
Ma poisson, ils fait beau
Mais Ma poisson, ils voudrais l'eau
Ma boisson favourite, c'est chocolate chaud
Ma poisson - ils fait beau

My fish can't possibly exist
My fish, in a 4D twist
Drew Barrymore has never been kissed
My Fish is in a 4D twist

Je ne parlias francais

Klein bottle fish tank.
Track Name: purple milk
They couldn't make it yellow
And nor was it cyan
What's in the purple bottle -
What are they denyin'?

Purple Milk
Purple Milk
How much fat's in purple milk?

I reckon it's a quarter
You bet that it's three
and on the wager
is riding 20p

Purple Milk
Purple Milk
How much fat's in purple milk?

But when we went back to Spar
The purple milk was gone
and no-one there knew what we were talking about

Purple Milk
Purple Milk
How much fat's in purple milk?
we'll never know
How much fat's in purple milk
we'll never know
How much fat's in purple milk